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Health & Safety Resources

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SportsWare Injury Tracking Software

We have implemented SportsWare Injury Tracking Software for families. With SportsWare, families can choose enter health & injury information, and in turn, provide Athletic Trainer, Amy Ream, the ability to communicate more interactively between the Training Room and your son/daughter when monitoring their health. Families are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free service by registering online. Directions can be found at this link: SportsWare Software Letter to Parents

Insurance is available for families that will cover student injuries due to accidents (i.e. no coverage for illness, medical conditions and the like). Options available include 24-hour coverage or just school-time protection (both of which are offered with or without interscholastic sports coverage). In particular, parents/guardians of students participating in interscholastic athletics are encouraged to consider this affordable coverage for the added protection it offers (especially those who are uninsured or have high-deductible plans). Note that football is the one interscholastic sport that is only covered through the purchase of that specific option. Click here to access the information on the District website. Any questions should be directed to Michele Greenan, TCAPS Executive Assistant, at 231.933.1735 or