Sports Physicals and Concussion Resources & Forms

Please be aware that students must meet MHSAA and TCAPS Eligibility Requirements in order to participate in Educational Athletics. Areas that must be met include: Enrollment at Central High School, Age, current Physical Examination on file*, Maximum Enrollment, Maximum Competition, Undergraduate Standing, Previous Academic Credit Record, Current Academic Credit Record, Transfer Students, Undue Influence, Amateur Status/Awards, and Limited Team Membership. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above requirements, please contact the Central High School Athletic Office for discussion and initial eligibility status prior to your child’s participation in Trojan Athletics.


1) Current physical examinations (signed by the M.D., D.O., Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner who administers the physical examination) are those that are conducted on or after April 15 of the previous school year (i.e., on or after April 15, 2017, for the entire 2017-2018 school year). Students must have a current physical on file prior to participation in tryouts or practice…there are no exceptions to this requirement. Parents of middle school-aged students are encouraged to schedule annual physicals on or after the April 15 date to ensure that the date of the annual exam is valid as they enter their 9th Grade year at Central High School. Families that schedule annual child wellness exams often do so on dates prior to the MHSAA-required date of April 15, resulting in having to pay for another exam within the year.

2) The Athletic Office FAX number has changed as we will utilize the same FAX line as the CHS Main Office, and that number is 231.933.3506. 


It is required that the MHSAA Physical form is used. Substitutions cannot be accepted.

MHSAA Physical Form


It is required that students and parents acknowledge that they have received information regarding head injury and concussion. Signatures must be included on the MHSAA Physical Form which acknowledges that you have read and understand concussion and concussion symptoms. This information is available in the in the Athletic Office, TCAPS Student/Parent Secondary Handbook, website, or by selecting this link:

Understanding Concussion

Post-Concussion Return to Participation Protocol

When student-athletes incur a concussion or suspected head injury, the following form is REQUIRED to be completed and submitted prior to the student’s return to participation:

Return to Activity & Post-Concussion Consent Form

Did You Know? The MHSAA can assist families of Central High School student-athletes who incur a head injury when families are uninsured or under-insured:

MHSAA Concussion Care Gap Insurance Assistance

MHSAA Concussion Insurance Information & Benefits Form

Central High School is proud to announce that, thanks to our partners at Munson, we have implemented ImPACT, a concussion baseline testing and management program. Select sports have been identified for baseline testing. Visit the ImPACT website for more information:


HeadsUp concussion reference:

Parent & Athlete Information

TCAPS Student Handbook Link: